Free Lifetime Warranty

Since January 2010 Advanced Door has offered a “Lifetime Warranty” that includes LABOR! The term “Lifetime Warranty” is used with many products and across many industries including garage doors. The problem with most “Lifetime Warranties” is that they are accompanied with fine print that shows what is not included in the warranty. Everyone knows what kind of small print we’re talking about, the kind that says what they really have is a warranty that if needed to use the company will make it so hard to claim they would have been better off paying full price to fix the problem than to try and claim the so called “Warranty”.

Advanced Door’s “Lifetime Warranty” is easy and simple plus, there is NO FINE PRINT! If anything goes wrong with the garage door and/or opener going freely up and down Advanced Door will come out and fix the problem or make the necessary replacements. For those of you who want to see the warranty click on the image below.

Now there are some things that are not considered normal wear and tear to your garage system. Some examples of this are: Your kids and their friends deciding to use the garage door as a carnival type ride to see how many kids they can get to ride the door to the up position. This isn’t a mechanical problem or product failure and accidentals are not covered by our warranty. During the winter months it is easy to get tired of shoveling snow. The warranty doesn’t cover the damage that occurs to the door if and when the shovel is left in the track and someone closes the garage door. One that we are seeing more and more is a person talking on the cell phone while they are late getting their kids to school and they forget to wait for the door to get all the way in the up position and drive through the back of the door.

This warranty is simple, if there are no obstructions around the door and the wall button is hit, the warranty covers anything that involves the garage door and/or opener going freely up and down. That means the homeowner will never pay for springs, rollers, handles, hinges, panels, logic board, rail, belt/chain, motor, hockey arm, nose piece, gear, sprocket, and eyes.

It’s your garage door and nothing is worse than when your garage starts having problems. Advanced Door knows this and we believe we are good enough to provide you with a garage door that shouldn’t have problems. If it ever does it’s on our dime not yours!

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